Welcome to SKOS Vocabulary Editor (SKOtch) project

SKOtch is an editor for vocabularies in the Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS) format. SKOtch is meant as an easy to use SKOS editor that is particularly useful for (biomedical) researchers which do not have extensive knowledge of semantic web technologies. SKOtch facilitates the construction of comprehensive vocabularies and is a next step to the uptake of SKOS in the domain of biomedical vocabularies.


SKOS is a W3C Semantic Web standard to construct controlled vocabularies. It provides an extensible RDF vocabulary for describing and relating concepts. An advantage of the RDF-based SKOS over other flat-file formats is that vocabularies can be published as linked data and easily integrated with other RDF datasets and processed by Semantic Web applications. The simplicity of SKOS renders it very suitable for applications by biomedical researchers. Despite the increasing number of vocabularies in life sciences, SKOS has yet to be widely adopted because adequate software tools for biomedical researchers that allow the construction of SKOS vocabularies are still lacking. Thus, to promote and advance the use of SKOS, we developed a SKOS editor: SKOtch.

Learning about Skotch

Please become a member of the data-mining-users mailing list (mentioned below), and if you have any question that is not addressed here feel free to post it to that list.

Mailing lists

The SKOS Vocabulary Editor project provides the following mailing lists:

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Source access

If available, anonymous readonly subversion access works as follows:

  svn co skosvocabularyeditor

Write access is only available to registered developers.

You can become a developer by registering yourself if you haven't already done so, and requesting write access on the skosvocabularyeditor-users mailing list.

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