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#17 fixed SQL error after updating account info while a project request has not yet been approved work@…

When you request a project, and then update your account information, you get an SQL error when that project request is still open:

(SELECT action FROM "grails-plugins".permission WHERE username='YOUR_USERNAME' AND action='TRAC_ADMIN' LIMIT 1; ERROR: schema "grails-plugins" does not exist)

#21 fixed not responding, in deny??? work@…

I have been setting up generation of svn project statistics on our build server (an NBIC server at using the open source statsvn project ( ). However, after generating statistics suddenly was down. Now that it is back up again it is still not reachable from our build server (which also builds our projects). As from other locations is available, I assume you have put the ip address of our build server in deny and hence dropping connections.

This means that no continuous integration builds can be created, no test and live deployments can be performed and no statistics can be generated.

#22 fixed Project admin page editable by logged in user, not just admins support@… tim.te.beek@…

Any logged in user can administrate any project, by altering the below URL in a predictable manner:

Currently the only requirement is that the user is logged in, not whether or not the user is an administrator for the project. This constitutes a mayor security project for every current Trac project.

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