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#18 wontfix One has to login for every project work@…

When you login, you except it to be persistent. However you have to login for every separate project which is not very user-friendly. Probably this could be solved by using a domain-wide cookie or session?

#22 fixed Project admin page editable by logged in user, not just admins support@… tim.te.beek@…

Any logged in user can administrate any project, by altering the below URL in a predictable manner:

Currently the only requirement is that the user is logged in, not whether or not the user is an administrator for the project. This constitutes a mayor security project for every current Trac project.

#6 duplicate Requesting new mailing lists support@… evert.lammerts@…

A link should be provided on project pages, providing an interface on which new mailing lists can be requested.

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