Welcome to the R/GPU Project Website

R/GPU is a user-friendly package that can evaluate any given R expression by making transparent use of an NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) through CUDA.

Source access

For the latests, unstable, version checkout the source using anonymous SVN:

  svn co rgpu

The source code on the SVN contains Makefiles for all supported operating systems. Also available from SVN is the alpha version of the R/GPUTools package, a small template project that can be used to create custom GPU functions without the need to concern about data management. An included example shows the GPU version of the R diff function with just 10 lines of C-code.

See the Downloads section for (binary) releases and documentation.


Development on R/GPU will continue in the near future. For an overview of new features and bug fixes to come in future releases, please check the Roadmap and Tickets section.


For discussing the R/GPU project, please subscribe to the rgpu-users mailing-list.

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