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The pre-alignment based warping of LC-MS peak-lists allows direct comparison of complex LC-MS datasets that have been sourced in an inter-laboratory study design or are highly variable. The tool has been developed primarily for time alignment purposes; hence vital pre-processing steps should be carried out before alignment of peak-lists. The tool aligns the retention time axes of multiple input files and corrects large non-linear retention time shifts in complex LC-MS datasets.

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Major Application:Reliable biomarker discovery based on profiling of complex body fluids requires routine analysis of large number of samples and demands LC-MS platforms with high sample throughput. Inter-laboratory sample comparisons can increase this throughput and can also confirm the reliability of data produced at different analysis centers. However due to large retention time shifts that often occur in these inter-laboratory datasets; state of the art time alignment algorithms are unable to correct these retention differences. The current work proposes a novel two step time alignment strategy for LC-MS datasets obtained in an inter-laboratory experimental design. The method composes a robust pre-alignment function that is generated by identifying, with suitable accuracy, true peak correspondences between highly variable chromatograms, followed by a more accurate time alignment using the Warp2D algorithm [(F. Suits et al.; 2008,].

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  • LC-MS Peaklists:
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