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OpenMS Feature Matching

This module applies OpenMS feature alignment and matching to the feature lists.

Usage Example

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Option name Description
select input type Option to switch between processing a FileSet or adding individual FeatureList files to the galaxy module in a similar as is done in create fileSet module
input file Select the FileSet containing the FeatureLists in your current history to be processed further
settingsFileMapAlinger Select the OpenMS Map Aligner settings file u want to use
settingsFileFeatureLinker Select the OpenMS Feature Linker settings file u want to use
FeatureLinkerType The type of feature linking which should occur. See OpenMS documentation for more information.
AlignmentTypeUsed The type of alignment to be done to correct for time shifts between LC-MS runs. See OpenMS documentation for more information

For the settingsFileMapAlinger and/or settingsFileFeatureLinker u can either use the Get User Settings module to get settings or U can upload a file from your pc to galaxy. For more information on OpenMS see:

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