Get User Settings

This module can be used to select one of the settings files which have been made available for use with the different feature quantification and feature matching modules in Galaxy.

Usage Example

Simple example of selecting one setting file from the "repository"

It is often handy to rename the results this can be done by clicking on the "pen" icon in the red circle.
If u have forgotten how u got this setting file u can easily get the options used by clicking on the "run this job again" button (striped purple circle).


Option name Description
Select data processing step Select the data processing step for which U want to get a settings file
Select program Select the program U want to use for the given data processing step
Select instrument Select the instrument type on which your data was analysed, if it says default then these settings are general and applicable to more then one instrument type
Select author U can chose the author of the settings file, if this is the same as the program name then these are suggested settings which can be found on the website of the program.
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