Example Data


This is an example dataset of Urine spiked with a mixture of spiked peptides.


All files are available in trance and can be downloaded here The list below matches spiking level to the file name.

File name|Spiked amount
0810P086.mzXML|16x pLLOQ, rep 1
0810P019.mzXML|16x pLLOQ, rep 2
0810P034.mzXML|16x pLLOQ, rep 3
0810P132.mzXML|16x pLLOQ, rep 4
0810P073.mzXML|16x pLLOQ, rep 5
0810P119.mzXML|8x pLLOQ, rep 1
0810P203.mzXML|8x pLLOQ, rep 2
0810P002.mzXML|8x pLLOQ, rep 3
0810P158.mzXML|8x pLLOQ, rep 4
0810P112.mzXML|8x pLLOQ, rep 5
0810P249.mzXML|4x pLLOQ, rep 1
0810P235.mzXML|4x pLLOQ, rep 2
0810P225.mzXML|4x pLLOQ, rep 3
0810P042.mzXML|4x pLLOQ, rep 4
0810P100.mzXML|4x pLLOQ, rep 5
0810P206.mzXML|2x pLLOQ, rep 1
0810P118.mzXML|2x pLLOQ, rep 2
0810P136.mzXML|2x pLLOQ, rep 3
0810P010.mzXML|2x pLLOQ, rep 4
0810P148.mzXML|2x pLLOQ, rep 5
0810P159.mzXML|1x pLLOQ, rep 1
0810P212.mzXML|1x pLLOQ, rep 2
0810P244.mzXML|1x pLLOQ, rep 3
0810P102.mzXML|1x pLLOQ, rep 4
0810P082.mzXML|1x pLLOQ, rep 5
0810P029.mzXML|0.5x pLLOQ, rep 1
0810P222.mzXML|0.5x pLLOQ, rep 2
0810P056.mzXML|0.5x pLLOQ, rep 3
0810P259.mzXML|0.5x pLLOQ, rep 4
0810P016.mzXML|0.5x pLLOQ, rep 5
0810P074.mzXML|Blank (0.1x pLLOQ), rep 1
0810P188.mzXML|Blank (0.1x pLLOQ), rep 2
0810P109.mzXML|Blank (0.1x pLLOQ), rep 3
0810P178.mzXML|Blank (0.1x pLLOQ), rep 4
0810P051.mzXML|Blank (0.1x pLLOQ), rep 5


An overview of the settings used (in the article) can be downloaded under downloads (settings.tar.gz). Example workflows can be found here.

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