create FileSet

This Galaxy module is used to combine multiple files into one easy to use file (FileSet). This makes processing large datasets in galaxy easier as it is no longer is necessary to execute for every single LC-MS data file each module separately.

Usage Example


Option name Description
input file select one of the files in your current history to add to this FileSet
Name to use for this data file User given name for the given input file. File names must be unique within a FileSet
class number This field can be used to assign specific class numbers to a file. For example if your working with LC-MS files from diseased and healthy patients U could assign class: 1 to healthy and class 0 to diseased. This information is used by some modules to provide class specific output.
fraction number This field can be used to assign which 2D-LC-MS fraction this LC-MS file represents (There are currently no modules using this information)
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