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Front page of the project wiki

The main page for each project is the front page of the Trac wiki. This page should be edited for each project so that it actually presents the project to an interested party. It is the "business card" for your project. Editing is only possible if you are "logged in" as a developer on the project. Please check the following points:

  • At the very least, each wiki main page should copy the project description from the trac summary page. If there is further information on your project on the NBIC BioAssist wiki you may want to refer to that information or migrate it to the trac wiki.
  • It is nice if you add a list of the project members to the start page. If you add the macro [[ProjectMembers]] anywhere on the start page of the wiki (or on any other page, if you like), the list of the project members is listed at the top right.
  • If you're at it, please click on your own name in the project members list, and check whether the information there is accurate. You can set your displayed "name" and a short description on your user page. The "information field" can be filled with Trac Wiki syntax if you want to be fancy.
  • The list of mailing lists that is given by default on the home page for each project can be generated automatically by the [[ProjectLists]] wiki macro. If you have a use for another mailing list inside the project, please ask rob.hooft@… and he can arrange this for you.
  • Change the wording under 'source access' to represent the actual state of your project. By default it says "If available, anonymous readonly subversion access works as follows". Please make sure that you change this to "subversion access is limited to developers" or remove the "if available" part.
  • It is appreciated, but not required, to keep an explicit link to the project list on the home page of the wiki. This is there by default under the "Other NBIC software projects" header. Keeping this link will enhance the cross-fertilization of our projects.
  • You may want to remove the message welcoming users to the basic features of Trac (links to TracWiki and WikiFormatting) from the front page.
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