wiki:add developers

Add developers

You can add developers to a project, and make any number of them "managers" on the project. Each person that you want to add to a project should first register him/herselve as a user on the system. Once you have made sure that is the case:

  • Go to
  • Click on "project and user administration"
  • Click on "projects"
  • Select the project from the list, and click on "edit" in that row. If you do not see the project in the list, you are probably not a manager of the project.
  • You now see the project information page, with a table of "project membership" at the bottom.
  • For each user that you want to add to the project, select the e-mail address from the "add member" drop-down, and click the "save" button at the bottom.
  • If you want to remove developers, set a tickmark in the column "remove", and click "save"
  • If you want to make a developer into a manager for the project, set a tickmark a their name in the column "manager", and click "save".

When you click "save", the membership of the developers mailing list will be automatically changed to include the new developers and to remove developers that are no longer in the list. Warning: do not change the membership of the developer mailing list manually, because any changes you make to the membership will be lost when you change the developers in the way described on this page.

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