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Welcome to Meta

Meta is a metaproject in the [NBIC Development Environment], and serves as a location for documentation and communication on this environment. Like the projects themselves, Trac is used to manage the information. Please consult TracSupport for more information on how Trac works, or visit the official Trac FAQ.

Using Meta

As a member of any of the hosted projects, you are invited to give feedback and request support. You can post support tickets, but note that you need to be a registered user to do this. You can also join the meta-users mailing list, which is intended for discussing the development environment, and asking questions. If you have questions on the aspects of a specific project, please use the ticket tracker or the mailing lists for that particular project.

Howtos and checklists

How do I register?

In order to participate in projects, enter tickets, and perform various other tasks, you need to be registered as a user. To register, please enter the email address you intend to use for project communication. You will receive a confirmation email containing a link. Follow this link to confirm your account, at which point you will be requested to choose a password. Only after submitting this information will your information be stored. You are now a registered user.

How do I join a project?

Firstly, become a registered user if you aren't already one. Then, join the user mailing list for the project you are interested in. The project managers should be subscribed to this list, so you can make your case for obtaining developer access by posting to the list. If the project managers accept your request, they will add you to the list of project members. You will then be automatically subscribed to the devel mailing list, and you will receive write access to the source repository.

If you feel the need for experimenting with the development environment, please use the project sandbox which is specifically intended for this purpose.

How do I start a project?

Information will follow

How do I administer my project(s)

There is a dedicated project management documentation page in this Wiki.