Welcome to NBIC Trac

Meta is a project in the NBIC Development Environment that documentations the environment itself.

The NBIC Trac system is a development system for software tools developed in collaborations that involve NBIC. It is a single site that keeps all software development together; this makes sure that each of the bioinformatics software projects benefit from the attention that other projects get. Funding for the NBIC Trac system is guaranteed for 5 years, so even if the NBIC organization would cease to exist, the trac server will remain a fixed reference point.

Basic usage of NBIC Trac

Components of each project

Each project has:

Continuous integration

If you use continuous integration and would like to trigger rebuilds of your projects whenever changes are checked into the version control system, contact rob.hooft@… to help set it up.

Why do I need to login so often into the Trac system?

Each of the projects in the NBIC Trac system has its own login. You can use the same E-mail address and password to log in to each project of which you are a member. Keeping all of the logins "separate" allows people to use different e-mail addresses / accounts to log in to different projects, and also to sign out of a project if you want to. Your browser should allow you to stay signed in to each project so that you do not have to type your password very often once you are set up within all projects.

The "svn" system has its own system to remember passwords. This is enabled by default on most systems, so even for SVN the number of times you need to specify your password should be limited.

More information

Please consult TracGuide for more information on how Trac works, or visit the official Trac FAQ.

Using Meta

As a member of any of the hosted projects, you are invited to give feedback and request support. You can post support tickets, but note that you need to be a registered user to do this. You can also join the meta-users mailing list, which is intended for discussing the development environment, and asking questions. If you have questions on the aspects of a specific project, please use the ticket tracker or the mailing lists for that particular project.

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