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Books tab does not display any data in chrome (win / mac) safari (win / mac)

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Component: enhancer Version: v1.1
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Hardware: Macintosh Operating system: MacOS X
Product: enhancer / linker URL: http://amigo.hooft.net:8080/linker


You're right. On the Mac, only Firefox works properly.


From: Rob Hooft

Sent: Sat 12/19/2009 10:02 PM

To: Jan Velterop; Bharat Singh

Subject: Re: Engineering development Cycle 2 starts Jan 4, Beta testing Feb 8-12

But Safari on Mac also does not work: it gives ³Loading....² when opening

the Books tab, which disappears and the tab is expanded to its full size

but empty.


On 19-12-09 16:59, "Jan Velterop" <jan.velterop@…> wrote:

Thanks, Bharat. Actually, I was using Chrome for Mac.



From: Bharat Singh B.singh@…

Sent: Sat 12/19/2009 2:47 PM

To: Jan Velterop

Cc: Rob Hooft

Subject: Re: Engineering development Cycle 2 starts Jan 4, Beta testing Feb


Hi Jan,

Books does not work in chrome on windows. I have a Linux OS, so it took

me some time to install a windows virtual machine to verify this on chrome.

I will look into this asap.

thanks for your help in narrowing this down.

with best regards,


Velterop wrote:

Hi Rob,

I fear I might have used Safari or Chrome. In neither of those, the

books feature works, but it does in Firefox.



Rob Hooft wrote:

Bharat, Jan,

I get a correct books list as well. Identical to the one Bharat shows. I


using firefox on mac. We have to figure out what the difference is


our attempts to isolate this problem. Could it be another firefox

configuration? Or a plugin? I am using "NoScript?" but of course I allow

amigo to send Javascript....


On 19-12-09 09:30, "Bharat Singh" <b.singh@…> wrote:

Hi Jan,

I tried it with the same concept (reverse transcription) and a few >>>>


concepts as well, it seems to work for me (screenshot.png).

Perhaps Rob can try and check if it works for him as well...

Are you using IE-8 Jan?



Velterop wrote:

Rob, Bharat,

The issue is that the 'books' tab remains empty. Not just in the US,

but also here in the UK (I'm back now). See screen shot attached.


not the concept clicked, as none of the concepts yields books. It


to work (at least it did a week ago).



Rob Hooft wrote:


Would it be possible that it has something to do with the location

of the

originator? Jan is testing it from the USA. Where does the request

to google

come from? Could it be a question of obeying copyright laws in




Can you describe what happens exactly, or send a screen dump to


diagnose the problem? If it is intermittent it may be difficult to

find, so

then it is worth putting extra effort in reproducing it.


On 18-12-09 19:57, "Bharat Singh" <b.singh@…> wrote:

it works on amigo (just tested)! can Jan elaborate on this?



Rob Hooft wrote:


Is this a new bug?



Rob W.W. Hooft

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This seems to be an bug with all webkit based browsers (chrome and safari). It has to do do with parsing of name-space based elements in XML response for XHTTP call. e.g. google books responds with "dc:creator" for books.

comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by singh.bharat@…

There were two issues that needed to be fixed:

  1. webkit based browsers do not behave well with namespaced xml, google books uses the dublin core namespace for tags like title etc.
  1. JQuery xml parsing needs escape for colon character in xml element.

Bugs for both these issues are already open in the respective products.

Till the time they are fixed added workaround based on browser and escaped ":" tag in JQuery

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