Topics of interest for the Interoperability Task Force meeting


Discussion topic of the meeting of Friday, February 8, 2013; speaker: Paul Groth (VU)

BioBanks and catalogues

Potential speakers

  • Chao Pang (PhD student Morris Swertz), 'ontology based biobank data mapping and integration'
  • David van Enckevort (NBIC)

(Semantic) Interoperability in specific domains


Potential speakers: Richard Finkers, Pierre Chabot (WUR)

Microbial BioTechnology

Potential speaker: Jesse van Dam (WUR)

Rare Diseases

Potential speaker: Marco Roos (LUMC)

Workflow system interoperability

Potential speakers: Silvia Olabarriaga (AMC), Marco Roos (LUMC)

The Linked Data Ecosystem

About the 'ecosystem' of resources and tools that enable working with linked data for life science applications.

Potential lead of discussion: Marco Roos (LUMC)

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