David Van Enckevort

Manager of projects

ConceptRewrite A frontend built to search, edit and create concepts for ConceptWiki
DVD Diagnostic Variant Database (DVD) is used to share all genetic variants detected in the course of next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications between collaborators.
Pindel Pindel: a pattern growth approach to detect break points of large deletions , medium sized insertions, inversions and other structural variations from paired-end short reads.
biobanking Generic code and mailing lists for the biobanking task force.
conceptwiki A universal open access repository of editable concepts. This is part of Open PHACTS.
conerice Configuration files and documentation for bioinformatics servers/services.
cw-api-client A generic ConceptWiki API client for Java/Groovy applications
data-mining Automatically recognizing concepts in human-readable text. This project uses Peregrine as text indexer. It searches for known terms in an input text and maps them to concepts in an ontology. If a term could refer to more than one concept then Peregrine tries to disambiguate it.
e-biobank involves building a model infrastructure for the Dutch Biobank community, BBMRI-NL, that manages resources for the future of biomedical research. It forms a hub in the European Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure.
fgweb A web-interface that allows to integrate functional genomics data and bioinformatic tool flows with a minimum of time investment in robust web-based software.
foundation Project for the setup of a foundation for the governance of open source software in a bioinformatics context; software that is not used by programmers; software for which the governance requires a community of users (life-scientists, biologists, clinicians, laboratory personnel, etc) as well as a community of programmers (bioinformaticians, informaticians, statisticians, etc)
galaxytools Tools developed by various groups in the BioAssist platforms together with their tool configs for installation in a Galaxy server.
gonl The Genome of the Netherlands
interoperability Generic code and mailing lists for the NBIC BioAssist interoperability task force.
linker A web based user interface ("Knowledge Enhancer") using semantic technology to create a popup in the browser linking terms in the text to concepts in the ConceptWiki and other third party services. Aimed at knowledge discovery.
meta Metaproject: a source for information on using the development environment and to report problems.
nbiceng Generic code and mailing lists for the BioAssist Engineering Team
nbicgalaxy A hosting place for documents, discussions, bug reports on NBIC Galaxy Server
netbeans-presentation Example code for the presentation on Netbeans at the BioAssist Programmer's Meeting of January 13th, 2012
sysadmin General system administration scripts used by the BioAssist Engineering Team
wikidata A web site application that stores knowledge and information using concept triples. Users can both view and edit the contents of the triple store using a wiki-like application.