Vikram Mitra

Room: (3211) 218

University of Groningen,

Dept. of Pharmacy,

Antonius Deusinglaan 1

Postbus 196

9700 AD Groningen

The Netherlands

Manager of projects

ASCA Identifying factors influencing complex proteomics profile using factorial design and ANOVA – simultaneous component analysis.
Pre-alignment Time alignment for complex LC-MS datasets typically obtained from inter-laboratory studies. The developed application allows retention time alignment of diverse LC-MS datasets by first accurately identifying peak correspondences using Bi-variate 2D Kernel density estimation and then extracting a non-linear monotonic regression function from the retention time co-ordinates of these peak correspondences.

Member of projects

galaxytools Tools developed by various groups in the BioAssist platforms together with their tool configs for installation in a Galaxy server.
proteomics Generic code and mailing lists for researchers and developers working in the BioAssist proteomics task force.