Kees Burger

Manager of projects

ConceptProfileMiningWS Code for the Concept Profile Mining Webservices.
ConceptRewrite A frontend built to search, edit and create concepts for ConceptWiki
Pindel Pindel: a pattern growth approach to detect break points of large deletions , medium sized insertions, inversions and other structural variations from paired-end short reads.
conceptwiki A universal open access repository of editable concepts. This is part of Open PHACTS.
cw-api-client A generic ConceptWiki API client for Java/Groovy applications
data-mining Automatically recognizing concepts in human-readable text. This project uses Peregrine as text indexer. It searches for known terms in an input text and maps them to concepts in an ontology. If a term could refer to more than one concept then Peregrine tries to disambiguate it.
galaxytools Tools developed by various groups in the BioAssist platforms together with their tool configs for installation in a Galaxy server.
interoperability Generic code and mailing lists for the NBIC BioAssist interoperability task force.
linker A web based user interface ("Knowledge Enhancer") using semantic technology to create a popup in the browser linking terms in the text to concepts in the ConceptWiki and other third party services. Aimed at knowledge discovery.
nbiceng Generic code and mailing lists for the BioAssist Engineering Team
sysadmin General system administration scripts used by the BioAssist Engineering Team
wikidata A web site application that stores knowledge and information using concept triples. Users can both view and edit the contents of the triple store using a wiki-like application.

Member of projects

nbicgalaxy A hosting place for documents, discussions, bug reports on NBIC Galaxy Server
sandbox Sandbox project for NBIC project developers. If you want to experiment with the tools at your disposal, please do it here.