Ishtiaq Ahmad

Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam

University of Groningen

Manager of projects

Pre-alignment Time alignment for complex LC-MS datasets typically obtained from inter-laboratory studies. The developed application allows retention time alignment of diverse LC-MS datasets by first accurately identifying peak correspondences using Bi-variate 2D Kernel density estimation and then extracting a non-linear monotonic regression function from the retention time co-ordinates of these peak correspondences.
daf Data Analysis Framework that enables any computer program (i.e proteomics tools) to run on a Distributed Computing environment (Grid, Cloud, Cluster, Lightpath etc.). DAF provides Web Services to the end user.
dafportal A Web Portal providing data analysis services for Life Science data using tools integrated in DAF. The portal is written using Dojo Toolkit while REST/HTTP base Web Services client written in PHP.
galaxytools Tools developed by various groups in the BioAssist platforms together with their tool configs for installation in a Galaxy server.
msCompare Framework for the analysis of label-free LC-MS data for comparative profiling studies
proteomics Generic code and mailing lists for researchers and developers working in the BioAssist proteomics task force.
pview-cli This project adds a command line interface (cli) to pview (see

Member of projects

conerice Configuration files and documentation for bioinformatics servers/services.