Bas Van Breukelen

Assistant Professor Bioinformatics

Manager of projects

lysndenovo Prototype implementation of LysNDeNovo algorithm for peptide sequencing of MS2 ETD spectra.
npclib Mass Spectrometry Java Data Models

The project consists of a library of java classes that describe the most common data models used in mass spectrometry.
pICalculator A java pI calculator as described in the article Proteomics 2008, 8, 4898–4906. "A versatile peptide pI calculator for phosphorylated and N-terminal acetylated peptides experimentally tested using peptide isoelectric focusing". Sharon Gauci, Bas van Breukelen, Simone M. Lemeer, Jeroen Krijgsveld and Albert J. R. Heck.
proteomics Generic code and mailing lists for researchers and developers working in the BioAssist proteomics task force.
statquant A post quantification analysis toolbox for improving quantitative mass spectrometry