Mathijs Kattenberg

Manager of projects

Panter Panter stands for the Persons and Address Informationsystem NTR. Panter provides a user interface to the address and research administration database of the Netherlands Twin Register. The application is written in C# and uses an MS-SQL server as database store. An open source edition is provided here under the GPLv3 license.
maxpc MaxAPC takes as input IMPUTE/SNPTEST .gen and .sample files. On the basis of these two file statistics are calculated and provided in the two outputfiles:
1.) the maximum, average, posterior call averaged per individual (one average per individual) - .pi file.
2.) the maximum, average, posterior call averaged per SNP (one average per SNP) - .ps file.
rite The packages in rite form a pilot job framework written purely in Java. MongoDB is used as storage for job descriptions.

Member of projects

biobanking Generic code and mailing lists for the biobanking task force.
e-biobank involves building a model infrastructure for the Dutch Biobank community, BBMRI-NL, that manages resources for the future of biomedical research. It forms a hub in the European Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure.
gonl The Genome of the Netherlands