Henk Van Den Toorn

Manager of projects

npclib Mass Spectrometry Java Data Models

The project consists of a library of java classes that describe the most common data models used in mass spectrometry.
proteomics Generic code and mailing lists for researchers and developers working in the BioAssist proteomics task force.
pview-cli This project adds a command line interface (cli) to pview (see compbio.cs.princeton.edu/pview).
rockerbox A cross-platform JAVA GUI application for filtering low quality peptide-spectrum matches (PSMs) and charting from Mascot (.dat) output files, based on user-defined criteria or automatically for a target FDR.

Member of projects

conerice Configuration files and documentation for bioinformatics servers/services.
statquant A post quantification analysis toolbox for improving quantitative mass spectrometry