Kees Van Bochove

Manager of projects

foundation Project for the setup of a foundation for the governance of open source software in a bioinformatics context; software that is not used by programmers; software for which the governance requires a community of users (life-scientists, biologists, clinicians, laboratory personnel, etc) as well as a community of programmers (bioinformaticians, informaticians, statisticians, etc)
galaxytools Tools developed by various groups in the BioAssist platforms together with their tool configs for installation in a Galaxy server.
nugoctdwebapp NuGO Clean Transcriptome Database Webapp

Webapplication for the NuGO blackboxes for processing CEL-files into a 'NuGO clean transcriptome database'.

Member of projects

conceptwiki A universal open access repository of editable concepts. This is part of Open PHACTS.