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(edit) @283   10 years jjbot Added saveItems method. Cleanups.
(edit) @282   10 years jjbot Fixed accession retrieval bug.
(edit) @280   10 years jjbot Fixed small bug, renamed some vars to constants.
(edit) @279   10 years jjbot Fixed minor bugs, added getItemsByName function. Added some assert …
(edit) @277   10 years jjbot Added types to getAccession method.
(edit) @276   10 years jjbot Parser improvements. Fixed type and set IDs in biomart parser. Added …
(edit) @274   10 years jjbot Bug fix. ITEM_FN was in the wrong order, this caused cytoscape to …
(edit) @273   10 years jjbot Changed getDatasetContent, now filters on types.
(edit) @272   10 years jjbot Added filter to getItemlinks.
(edit) @270   10 years jjbot Commit voor Evert.
(edit) @269   10 years jjbot Added constraint handling and logging to AtomicServices2 and …
(edit) @268   10 years jjbot Added functions to limit nodes on type and set. Added function to …
(edit) @266   10 years jjbot Adjusted unwrapper functions to be able to deal with input hashes.
(edit) @265   10 years jjbot
(edit) @264   10 years jjbot Changes to xmlrpc server and message class.
(edit) @262   10 years jjbot First version of new message class.
(edit) @260   10 years jjbot New version of atomic services.
(edit) @257   10 years pvkouteren
(edit) @242   10 years pvkouteren Added documentation and removed duplicate and old code which isn't …
(edit) @241   10 years pvkouteren Added transfac methods, removed bogus methods.
(edit) @234   10 years pvkouteren Added Hypergeometric test to statistics module and AtomicServices?
(edit) @223   10 years pvkouteren Added new functionality for MSigDB
(edit) @222   10 years pvkouteren Bug- & security fixes
(edit) @213   10 years pvkouteren Modified SOAPServer to connect to database. Added functionality to …
(edit) @212   10 years pvkouteren Modified setup scripts for parameters, mydatasets_view and SOAP …
(edit) @200   10 years pvkouteren Modified setup_serializers to create both IbidasSerializers? and …
(edit) @199   10 years pvkouteren Modified some files slightly for a small Logger issue. Added …
(edit) @185   10 years pvkouteren Fixed IbidasSOAP server. Declared IbidasSerializers? for expressing db …
(edit) @152   11 years pvkouteren Added logging and first SOAP pieces.
(edit) @68   11 years jjbot Small changes to experiment with the xml rpc server.
(add) @4   11 years jjbot Initial import of new code base.
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