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(edit) @302   10 years jjbot Changed class name from FieldParser? to ArrayParser?, now base names on …
(edit) @301   10 years jjbot First version of new basicparsers: this module should provide simple …
(edit) @298   10 years marchulsman Solving bugs in unit tests
(edit) @296   10 years jjbot Created first version of obo unittest.
(edit) @284   10 years marchulsman Dimension/representor code
(edit) @237   10 years jjbot Separated dbsetup testing code from container unit tests.
(edit) @198   10 years marchulsman Improve realias,calc_in_node behavior (many bugfixes)
(edit) @187   10 years pvkouteren Added dropping of language plpgsql if it exists to sql Completely …
(edit) @174   10 years jjbot Added tests to check (multi) column indexing.
(edit) @166   11 years jjbot Small fixes to unit test to reflect changes in the database. Also some …
(edit) @154   11 years marchulsman Bugfixes unit tests, adding casts, work on pg types
(edit) @142   11 years jjbot Added item_accession to the database, added unit tests and played …
(edit) @140   11 years jjbot Additional unittests: started with tests for operator overloading and …
(edit) @136   11 years jjbot Clean svn import to sync all repositories. All minor changes except …
(edit) @134   11 years jjbot Added some tests to see if indexing sub arrays directly (from a …
(edit) @131   11 years jjbot Fixes for relative imports introduced in python 2.6.
(edit) @123   11 years marchulsman More code working again (no set operations, no ups yet)
(edit) @122   11 years jjbot Untracked changes of last week.
(edit) @114   11 years jjbot Additional tests for containers. Now checks column renaming and copying.
(edit) @112   11 years jjbot Resolved conflict due to implementation of rightjoin.
(edit) @111   11 years marchulsman Equijoin special case removed
(edit) @108   11 years marchulsman Fix copy, rename
(edit) @107   11 years jjbot Added functions for testing container.copy and renaming of columns.
(edit) @105   11 years marchulsman Complete refactoring of query execution code,fields,etc.
(edit) @103   11 years jjbot Added unittests for union, join, and stack functions of …
(edit) @97   11 years jjbot Bug fixes (index errors, caching mistakes), additional unittests. …
(edit) @82   11 years jjbot Added stubs for more unittests.
(edit) @80   11 years jjbot Some changes to parsers to facilitate flushing of the data to the …
(edit) @15   11 years marchulsman Add xnumpy unit tests
(add) @4   11 years jjbot Initial import of new code base.
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