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Project HOPE is an easy-to-use webserver that analyses the structural effects of your mutation of interest. The server allows you to submit a protein sequence and the mutation. Project HOPE will then collect and combine available information from a series of webservers and databases and will produce a mutation report complete with results, figures and animations.
Where available Project HOPE will use the 3D structure of the protein but the server can also build a homology model if necessary. Other information sources include the Uniprot database and a series of DAS prediction servers. If you want to read more about the procedure used by Project HOPE's, have a look at the article.


The HOPE SVN is not maintained here, but at the CMBI: Access to the SVN is currently restricted; contact hope@… about getting access.

A limited snapshot of the SVN trunk is available in the downloads section. This includes all the functionality required to gather and process the data, but only a small sample of the actual decision schema used on the web service. This snapshot is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

HOPE is implemented in Java and Groovy, with library dependencies on Hibernate, Spring and Log4J. The project is build using Maven.

Project HOPE was developed with support from the NBIC Bioinformatics Research Support group.


  • Hanka Venselaar
  • Tim te Beek
  • Remko Kuipers
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