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Server Administration

This document describes how the current server installation is set up


Currently the backup cycle consists of two parts:

  • database backups
  • file upload backups

Database backups

The databases are backed up by a cronjob which runs as user posgres which currently dumps the production databases twice a day:

root@nmcdsp:~# su - postgres
postgres@nmcdsp:~$ crontab -l
# m h  dom mon dow   command
0 13,01 * * * ~/scripts/ gscf-www 2>&1
0 13,01 * * * ~/scripts/ nmcdsp-www 2>&1
0 13,01 * * * ~/scripts/ sam-www 2>&1

The database dumps are remotely stored on nbx14 in /home/nmcbackups/backups using the scponly nmcbackups account on nbx14. On nbx14 the backups folder is cleaned through another cronjob which runs as user root and keeps at least 5 backups files per environment and additionally keeps all backups that are less than 7 days old. This means that if there are 15 backup files for one product / environment (e.g. gscf-www) that are younger than 7 days, and two that are older than 7 days, only the latter two will be deleted.

root@nbx14:/root# crontab -l
# The server has an automated backup process going, storing
# database dumps in the (scponly) useraccount nmcbackup. This script
#	1. cleans up the backup folder
#	2. makes sure a minimal number of backups (per product, per environment)
#	   are kept
#	3. makes sure backups of a age less than a max age are kept
30 1,13 * * * /root/scripts/cleanup_backups >> /root/scripts/cleanup_backups.log 2>&1