16:10 Changeset [741] by tabma
- changed wizard step number ordering
14:37 Changeset [740] by tabma
- added some basic validation via JS (not fancy yet)
13:31 Changeset [739] by duh
- showing a bigger warning message on the edit study wizard page, and …
10:30 Ticket #60 (Templatechooser: add/modify option) created by t.w.abma@…
The importer does not allow you to add/modify templates. When you have …
09:53 Changeset [738] by tabma
- fixed sheetindex argument


17:22 Changeset [737] by keesvb
added a test that confirms the cascaded deletion of a Sample in case it is …
16:37 Changeset [736] by duh
- sampling events were not properly deleted from study
16:26 Changeset [735] by tabma
- improved partial missing code documentation
16:09 Changeset [734] by duh
Automated continuous integration commit of minified JS/CSS
16:08 Changeset [733] by duh
- resolved issue #153: sample page eventhandlers are bound in the wrong …
15:59 Ticket #10 (Wizard sample page: values of multiple selected samples do not replicate ...) created by j.a.m.wesbeek@…
In the sample page you have a table with multiple samples of a specific …
15:18 Changeset [732] by tabma
- added ability to choose sheet, header index and datamatrix index
14:53 Changeset [731] by keesvb
also disabled the requirement for >=1 sampling event in the quick save
14:35 Changeset [730] by jahn
Added links to the dbNP partners mentioned on the main page (requested by …
14:25 Changeset [729] by tabma
- removed duplicate import
14:22 Changeset [728] by tabma
- fixed toString-method
14:21 Changeset [727] by tabma
- added sheet chooser
13:06 Changeset [726] by duh
- fixed the 'blue screen' issue in the templateEditor where switching …
12:07 Changeset [725] by keesvb
enabled boolean field recognition of 'x', added SamplingEvent? field …
11:56 Changeset [724] by tabma
- fixed break at SamplingEvent?
11:30 Changeset [723] by tabma
- enabled SamplingEvent?
11:24 Changeset [722] by duh
- disabled the check that you need to add at least 1 sampling event by …


18:41 Changeset [721] by duh
- added script to minify javascript or CSS files - included automated …
18:39 Changeset [720] by duh
- test passed, deleting testfiles
18:37 Changeset [719] by duh
Automated continuous integration commit of minified JS/CSS
18:32 Changeset [718] by duh
- testing automated integration minifying of JS and CSS
18:31 Changeset [717] by duh
Automated continuous integration commit of minified JS/CSS
18:26 Changeset [716] by duh
- testing automated integration minifying of JS and CSS
18:24 Changeset [715] by duh
Automated continuous integration commit of minified JS/CSS
18:23 Changeset [714] by duh
- testing automated integration minifying of JS and CSS
18:22 Changeset [713] by duh
- testing automated integration minifying of JS and CSS
18:01 Changeset [712] by duh
.continuous integration automated commit of minified JS/CSS
17:12 Changeset [711] by keesvb
enabled standalone template editor
16:44 Changeset [710] by keesvb
changed study view to list and sort on study code
16:34 Changeset [709] by duh
- resolve issue #145, JS error under IE
16:10 Changeset [708] by duh
- removing Vuvuzela easter egg, gotcha Kees! ;)
12:36 Changeset [707] by keesvb
dubbed 0.4.3
12:26 Changeset [706] by keesvb
updated import logic to add events and samples to the study
12:06 Changeset [705] by duh
adding the apache_reload script which is used on nbx14 to reload apache …
12:02 Changeset [704] by duh
added continuous integration script (works on gentoo)


16:52 Changeset [703] by keesvb
added example assays to PPSH in BootStrap? in line with the example data in …
15:14 Changeset [702] by keesvb
updated SAM urls
13:08 Changeset [701] by keesvb
changed Event start time string getter to fetch the correct non-rounded …
12:25 Ticket #61 (making a new template by extending an existing one ) created by leny.vanwijk@…
Sometimes I want to extend an existing (subjcect) template only with a few …
11:41 Ticket #11 (DATE fields can have times but the modify study wizard breaks on that) created by kees.vanbochove@…
If a DATE field has also a time (as is the case in the PPSH study that is …
11:06 Changeset [700] by duh
- dummy commit to test continuous integration build system
08:51 Ticket #62 (importing subjects without the species gives a message too late) created by leny.vanwijk@…
If you want to import subjects and you forgot to fill in the species you …
08:45 Ticket #63 (importing subjects twice does not add information to existing subjects but ...) created by leny.vanwijk@…
If you import subjects two times to the same study the second time the …
08:41 Ticket #64 (import wizard not accessible via create/edit study) created by leny.vanwijk@…
The import wizard is not accessible via the green button "ïmport a study" …
08:38 Ticket #65 (DOB subjects with stringlist only from the year 2000 on and later) created by leny.vanwijk@…
If you want to fill in a date of birth form your subject by hand, you can …
08:25 Ticket #12 (Human intervention template lacks add/modify for (sampling)events) created by leny.vanwijk@…
In the human intervention template it is not possible to add/modify event …


16:50 Changeset [699] by duh
corrected typo in deploy script
16:39 Changeset [698] by keesvb
corrected wrong Event start time method call in RestController?
16:13 Changeset [697] by keesvb
added assayModule and assay controllers to be able to create assays
13:38 Changeset [696] by duh
forgot to add a $
13:29 Changeset [695] by keesvb
version 0.4.2
13:25 Changeset [694] by duh
- enabled samples page - remove samples from study when user browses back
10:41 Changeset [693] by jahn
Updated rest service "getAssay" to also transmit the Assay's name which …
10:40 Changeset [692] by duh
- changed index text
10:28 Changeset [691] by duh
- dummy commit to check continuous integration building script


17:37 Changeset [690] by keesvb
workaround for adding assays (scaffolded controllers), in order to be able …
16:52 Changeset [689] by keesvb
finally added the uniqueness constraint for sample names. it's real simple …
16:34 Changeset [688] by duh
- dummy commit to check if automatic deployment works properly…
16:02 Changeset [687] by tabma
- improved validation in importerservice, now skips faulty entities (null) …
16:02 Changeset [686] by tabma
- improved validation in importerservice, now skips faulty entities (null) …
15:44 Changeset [685] by duh
small improvement
14:47 Changeset [684] by tabma
- integer column is now correctly returned as an integer …
12:22 Changeset [683] by duh
- fixed config.groovy to include jquery plugin changes
12:10 Changeset [682] by tabma
- added extra tag to JavaScript? provider
12:06 Changeset [681] by duh
fixed some bugs in the deployment process
11:58 Changeset [680] by duh
- fixed an issue in how we use the jQuery plugin, the usage of the jQuery …
11:39 Changeset [679] by duh
- upgraded jquery, removed obsoleted jquery-ui javascript
11:16 Changeset [678] by duh
Adding gscf deploy script, see source for information…
10:59 Changeset [677] by duh
adding a scripts folder
10:58 Changeset [676] by duh
Adding a miscelaneous folder
10:47 Changeset [675] by duh
- temporarily disabled samples logic in controler for non-development …
10:45 Changeset [674] by duh
- temporarily disabled samples logic in controler for non-development …
10:40 Changeset [673] by duh
- fixed issue #144, loading a study and recreating events needed to change …
10:35 Changeset [672] by duh
- changed searchable / compass path
10:02 Changeset [671] by tabma
- removed Protocol entity from configuration file
09:45 Changeset [670] by tabma
- fixed entity filter in importer controller
09:18 Ticket #13 (edit study wizard stops at Event step) created by kees.vanbochove@…
Currently (#669) it is not possible to edit studies due to an error after …


16:21 Changeset [669] by tabma
- added "Don' t import" functionality which ignores columns
12:47 Changeset [668] by keesvb
updated webflow to 1.3.3 to prevent failure of fresh checkouts on 1.3.3
10:41 Changeset [667] by duh
- removed searchable lines from Subject and Sample as the break the …


19:46 Changeset [666] by tabma
- unparsable values from Excel will be ignored
18:44 Changeset [665] by duh
- dev commit
17:50 Changeset [664] by duh
- fixed event page issue - moved 'addTo*' method calls to their respective …
16:34 Changeset [663] by keesvb
small correction to sample unique name test
16:28 Changeset [662] by keesvb
restructured BootStrap?, it should now run faster because there are no …
16:10 Changeset [661] by tabma
- fixed property assignment by using lookup from new entity object method …
12:37 Changeset [660] by keesvb
updated importer logic to fetch template field type from importer mapping …
09:30 Changeset [659] by jahn
Added extre id field to getSample rest resource.
09:02 Changeset [658] by vinlud
Sam result merging


13:47 Changeset [657] by jahn
The getSample rest resource now fetches Samples instead of Assays (allong …
12:37 Changeset [656] by duh
- upgraded project to Grails 1.3.3


15:38 Changeset [655] by tabma
- fixed header and column import with mouse test dataset
14:26 Changeset [654] by keesvb
updated sample and study tests, added belongsTo to Sample (which gives it …
13:01 Changeset [653] by keesvb
updated study tests with code, added samplingevent and sample tests
09:39 Changeset [652] by keesvb
relocated getExternalSampleId to name
08:19 Changeset [651] by jahn
Added externalSampleId for SAM communication.


18:26 Changeset [650] by vinlud
Multiple changes in structure/view/logic
17:49 Changeset [649] by jahn
Added five controller actions (RestController?) and corresponding Rest …
15:54 Ticket #66 (view subject lacks units) created by leny.vanwijk@…
In view subject no units are shown (like age in years, weight in gram …
15:48 Ticket #67 (subject order differs between view and edit ) created by leny.vanwijk@…
In "view subjects" the subjects are ordered more or less in by their cage …
15:36 Ticket #68 (selecting multiple subjects in 5. Groups would be useful) created by leny.vanwijk@…
In tab 5.Groups it not possible to select multiiple subjects (via drag or …
15:26 Ticket #69 (button to save new template field not easy to find) created by leny.vanwijk@…
If you add a new template field, the "save" button is not visible unless …
15:18 Ticket #14 ((re)ordering template fields doesn't work perfect) created by leny.vanwijk@…
In Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7: 1. Re(ordering) fields by dragging …
13:32 Changeset [648] by jahn
Corrected error in example of documentation for Rest resource …
10:09 Changeset [647] by vinlud
Changes accordion simpleQuery


12:41 Changeset [646] by jahn
Fixed rest url.


13:38 Changeset [645] by jahn
Minor changes.
11:34 Changeset [644] by jahn
Added enhanced REST wrapper method for querying SAM.


16:41 Ticket #70 (correcting feedback internetexplorer ) created by leny.vanwijk@…
Internet exploerer 7 says 'done' (beneath) while the database is still …
16:26 Ticket #15 (not possible to fill in affiliations) created by leny.vanwijk@…
If you want to add/modify persons in 2.Study, you cannot fill in anything …
16:22 Ticket #71 (view persons does not show all information you put into contact) created by leny.vanwijk@…
Not all fields you can fill in under 2.Study at Add/modify Contact are …
16:02 Ticket #72 (view timeline / table) created by leny.vanwijk@…
Some comments on view timeline: - All information about events is now …
15:01 Ticket #16 (viewc event timeline image strange / incomplete) created by leny.vanwijk@…
In view timeline sometimes the timeline is not showed very well, in the …
12:09 Ticket #73 (ability to save the filled field values of an entity into a 'preset') created by leny.vanwijk@…
Is het possible to "attach" a file to more than one subjects or events at …
11:39 Ticket #17 ("uploaded" files can't be reached or deleted) created by leny.vanwijk@…
It seems to be possible to upload files, but it is not possible to open a …
11:19 Ticket #74 (changing template fields impossible) created by leny.vanwijk@…
It is not possible to remove template fields or change their properties if …


13:55 Ticket #75 (assigning events or samplingevents to sampling groeps gives error after ...) created by kees.vanbochove@…
It seems that a problem is introduced in #635 because the representation …
13:39 Ticket #18 (add sampling event template does not work) created by leny.vanwijk@…
In 4.Events (editing an existing study) in Internet Explorer - sometimes …
12:45 Changeset [643] by jahn
This setting of searchable features seems not to provoke searchable errors …
10:16 Changeset [642] by vinlud
changes so far, not working yet
09:39 Changeset [641] by vinlud
Added dummy search function
09:38 Changeset [640] by vinlud
Setting Searchable only to search in known string fields


17:29 Changeset [639] by jahn
Removed minor bug.
16:36 Changeset [638] by jahn
Fixed minor bug.
16:34 Changeset [637] by duh
- forgot to re-enable commented template element
16:19 Changeset [636] by jahn
Updated CommunicationManager? to support URL generation for SAM views. The …
16:03 Changeset [635] by duh
- development version of samples page -- improved handeling of samples -- …
15:03 Changeset [634] by tabma
- improved Excel cell type detection again, decimal values in an integer …
12:35 Changeset [633] by tabma
- controller action typo
12:31 Changeset [632] by tabma
- extra step for Simple Import Wizard implemented for easy adding and …


15:36 Changeset [631] by jahn
Cleaned up CommunicationManager? and put it in uniform use and package …


14:32 Ticket #19 (saving new study impossible, navigating stops at tab 6.Samples) created by leny.vanwijk@…
I tried to create a new study (in Internet Explorer), but it is impossible …
11:57 Changeset [630] by duh
- add installation help file
10:17 Changeset [629] by duh
- fixed bug in study view page caused by revision # 602
09:58 Changeset [628] by vinlud
Layout changes
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