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#132 fixed Create a study generator page business@… business@…

Insert a new menu item in GSCF under Studies: 'Generate new studies'. You can call the controller GenerateStudyController? or something like that. It should just be a simple form with the following options:

  • Study name
  • Study code
  • Study start date
  • Assay name
  • Assay code (formerly called externalAssayID)
  • Assay module
  • Assay template

The latter can be confusing, unfortunately we don't have module - template mappings.

  • assay module = concrete module, with URL, where assay data is stored
  • assay template = template of the extra fields that are stored for this assay

In theory it is also possible to have templates that are used for multiple modules (e.g. a General Assay template, or a Metabolomics template which is used for 2 separate metabolomics modules which reside in different locations). We should think of a better data model or usage of the data model, because now, the user has to choose e.g. 'Metabolomics module [on]' as well as 'Metabolomics assay template' which can be confusing.

#133 fixed Implement module assay jump functionality s.h.sikkema@… business@…

In the study/show code, in the Assays tab, update the link to work with the plugin. It should point to <module-URL>/assay/<assayToken>.

The modules should implement the /assay/<assayToken> URL, see

#147 worksforme Edit study wizard doesn't work anymore kees.vanbochove@… business@…

Since Grails 1.3.5, the edit study wizard stops functioning after the first step. See

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