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#233 fixed "NTC Study" template on CI instance contains required fields that are not enforced business@… work@…

These fields are marked properly with the arrow in the study page of the wizard. However, when you leave them blank and continue to the next page it is allowed. Seems like the validation method is not properly validating the required part of template fields.

For example see 'GSE5509' study on CI instance...

#17 fixed "uploaded" files can't be reached or deleted kees.vanbochove@… leny.vanwijk@…

It seems to be possible to upload files, but it is not possible to open a uploaded file or to delete it. In view subjects and in view events timeline / events table the "uploaded" files are not clickable. In edit that's also the case en there the filename is also walking through other template fields: it takes as much space as it needs. In addition their is no way to delete the file.

Windows XP, Internet Explorer 7.

#319 fixed 'Select all' button in study wizard does not work business@… business@…

Tested under different browsers (Chrome/MacOS, Safari/MacOS, IE7/Windows, Chrome/Windows?...) on Clicking the 'select all' button in the top left corner of the data table does not have a visible result.

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