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#119 Create test server adem.bilican@… kees.vanbochove@…

Create a test server somewhere on (checkout from GSCF source + database instance (Postgre?))

#130 fixed SimpleTox exporter adem.bilican@… business@…

We need a SimpleTox? exporter to get metadata into ArrayTrack?. This is an Excel sheet format, which is filled by iterating over the samples in the study. The first columns are fixed and can be filled with data from the Samples as shown below:

The rest of the columns should be filled with the following data:

  • all Subject domain+template properties from Sample.parentSubject
  • all SamplingEvent? domain+template properties from Sample.parentEvent
  • all Event domain+template properties for all Events in Sample.parentEventGroup (NB: that one still has to be implemented)
  • all Sample domain+template properties
#218 fixed SimpleTox exporter gives error adem.bilican@… business@…

When I try to export in SimpleTox? format study '2009.123b' on the CI instance, I get the following exception:

Grails Runtime Exception Error Details Error 500: Executing action [export] of controller [dbnp.exporter.ExporterController?] caused exception: null Servlet: grails URI: /gscf-0.6.0-ci/grails/exporter/export.dispatch Exception Message: Caused by: Class: Unknown At Line: [-1] Code Snippet: Stack Trace


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