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#534 fixed add ontology field does not work jildau.bouwman@…

Ontologies can be searched, are shown and can be selected, but annot be added (this meaasge is shown): Could not add ontology: Ontology with ID 1507 not found

#528 fixed quick save without finishing edit of study m.hendriks-9@…

If possible, it would be convenient to have a quick save that does not include ending the ability to further edit the study

#524 fixed Merge measurement metadata into existing assay export m.s.vanvliet@… business@…

In order to create a 'teaser' export that shows which data can now be aggregated for metabolomics, include an option to integrate metadata in the 2nd step of the export assay flow in dbnp.studycapturing.AssayController?.

  • Include option to integrate metadata in 2nd step of the flow
  • If metadata is selected, export these as extra rows into the final output matrix ('rowData')
  • Check effect on Galaxy export
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
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