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#276 When importing studies that have values that do not match a required ontology, values are not visible anymore business@… enhancement minor 0.6.3

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#237 List in importer wizard (step3) doesn't work well in IE7 t.w.abma@… defect major fixed
#293 Importer: it is possible to select two columns of the same type work@… defect major 0.6.3 fixed
#295 importer: template fields with values that differ from excel values don't show properly work@… defect major 0.6.3 fixed
#300 Importing many (e.g. 187) subjects makes table editor unresponsive t.w.abma@… enhancement major 0.6.3 duplicate
#221 Column numbers fail to import t.w.abma@… defect minor fixed
#265 A new user cannot import new studies via importer business@… enhancement minor fixed
#266 going back in the importer wizard leads to less choices in fields business@… defect minor fixed
#284 In importer step 3, the column headers are rendered in a strange way if you click next a few times with invalid data t.w.abma@… defect minor 0.6.3 fixed
#308 select-boxes in a 'grid' don't work properly in IE7 work@… defect minor 0.6.3 fixed
#486 import wizard doesn't remember my settings in step1 janneke@… defect minor 0.8.3 fixed
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