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(edit) @829   13 years keesvb started authentication implementation
(edit) @773   13 years jahn Added rest method for querying measurement values.
(edit) @755   13 years vinlud Sam module changes including rest interface, merging results, subquery …
(edit) @657   13 years jahn The getSample rest resource now fetches Samples instead of Assays …
(edit) @649   13 years jahn Added five controller actions (RestController?) and corresponding Rest …
(edit) @648   13 years jahn Corrected error in example of documentation for Rest resource …
(edit) @646   13 years jahn Fixed rest url.
(edit) @645   13 years jahn Minor changes.
(edit) @644   13 years jahn Added enhanced REST wrapper method for querying SAM.
(edit) @641   13 years vinlud Added dummy search function
(edit) @636   13 years jahn Updated CommunicationManager? to support URL generation for SAM views. …
(edit) @631   13 years jahn Cleaned up CommunicationManager? and put it in uniform use and package …
(edit) @621   13 years jahn Added to protect URL parameters.
(edit) @615   13 years jahn Made generating of SAM URLs more readable.
(edit) @609   13 years jahn Adjusted communication for SAM on NBX5.
(edit) @608   13 years jahn Added methods supplying SAM urls.
(edit) @553   13 years jahn Changed name of CCMCommunicationManager to CommunicationManager?.
(edit) @537   13 years jahn Added empty method for providing query results of a query on Simple …
(edit) @515   13 years jahn REST resources for communicating with the Simple Assay Module.
(edit) @491   13 years jahn Removed obvious error that led to compile-time error.
(edit) @490   13 years jahn Added connection to test server nbx5.
(edit) @480   13 years jahn Providing some methods for showing that REST/JSON actually works for …
(edit) @344   13 years duh - initial template editor (for use in dialogs)
(edit) @304   13 years duh - added default comments to grails base templates
(edit) @286   13 years keesvb re-added template files, needed for WAR building
(edit) @187   13 years keesvb changed definition of clean data layer, implemented it for the …
(edit) @106   13 years keesvb added first version of clean data layer specification and clinical …
(edit) @85   13 years ademcan the templates for the Study class, I have modified the scaffolding view.
(edit) @37   14 years duh - installed and implemented nimble plugin - setup basic nimble …
(add) @4   14 years duh Initial check-in of a fresh grails application
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