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(edit) @2135   11 years tjeerd VIS-75 and VIS-33, most boxplot issues should be resolved now
(edit) @2133   11 years tjeerd VIS-70, VIS-74 and some boxplot stuff
(edit) @2129   11 years tjeerd jqPlot boxplot (VIS-33) added. some minor issues remain (see comment …
(edit) @2124   11 years tjeerd VIS-33, first attempt. Using CanvasXpress? for the boxplots
(edit) @2119   11 years tjeerd oops, forgot to remove some fluff from the index
(edit) @2118   11 years tjeerd VI-59 and some minor changes
(edit) @2116   11 years tjeerd removed some fluff
(edit) @2115   11 years tjeerd JQplot and open-menu-on-click added/fixed
(edit) @2114   11 years tjeerd New version of JQplot, a new interface and a fix for VIS-56
(edit) @2104   11 years tjeerd Next iteration of new interface
(edit) @2102   11 years tjeerd First commit for extended interface
(edit) @2101   11 years robert Changed the visualization controller to be able to cope with series in …
(edit) @2078   11 years tjeerd Live-search was only working in FF, now it is in more browsers
(edit) @2073   11 years tjeerd Some minor improvements
(edit) @2072   11 years tjeerd VIS-50, added study-codes, made the study-select wider and added …
(edit) @2071   11 years tjeerd VIS-44, added live search to study, x-axis and y-axis selects.
(edit) @2070   11 years tjeerd VIS-47, advanced setting for angles x-labels added. Default value is ON
(edit) @2062   11 years tjeerd VIS-41. Changed default behaviour: values are always shown, hover can …
(edit) @2061   11 years tjeerd VIS-39, added a message to inform users that in this prototype samples …
(edit) @2057   11 years tjeerd Larger interface visualization
(edit) @2055   11 years tjeerd VIS-31 and VIS-23, added some aggregation and other advanced settings. …
(edit) @2051   11 years tjeerd New visualization interface
(edit) @2034   11 years tjeerd VIS-17, added code to enable horizontal barchart and improved some …
(edit) @2019   11 years tjeerd VIS-15 and some minor issues fixed. Removed the hover effect and …
(edit) @2018   11 years tjeerd VIS-16 and VIS-14. Changes in VisualizeController? (VIS-16), index.gsp …
(edit) @2017   11 years tjeerd New fancy interface update l33t! w00t!
(edit) @2014   11 years tjeerd Further awesome additions to the visualization interface
(edit) @2010   11 years robert - Changed visualization button to a real button - Serverside - …
(edit) @2004   11 years tjeerd resources correctly pointed in visualize/index.gsp
(edit) @2003   11 years tjeerd New awesome JavaScripts? that contains extra less errors and loads of …
(edit) @1996   11 years tjeerd First commit at interface visualization screen
(edit) @1991   11 years robert Updated visualization controller and added log debug statements to …
(edit) @1983   11 years robert Update for the visualization controller
(edit) @1982   11 years robert Added jqplot javascripts
(edit) @1981   11 years robert First "working" prototype of the visualization controller
(add) @1979   11 years robert First attempt to create a visualization controller.
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