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(edit) @64   13 years ademcan Loading new magetab data in the database from IDF file.
(edit) @63   13 years ademcan Parsing and Loading information from an IDF file (MageTab?). Actually …
(edit) @62   13 years keesvb additional commit, renamed Extract to ExtractObj?
(edit) @61   13 years keesvb fixed the bugs: Hibernate had difficulty with a field named 'version' …
(edit) @60   13 years keesvb changed typo
(edit) @59   13 years ademcan Added magetab corrected domain classes, works fine with a postgreSQL …
(edit) @58   13 years ademcan Adding magetab.adf and magetab.sdrf domain classes
(edit) @56   13 years keesvb Added MAGE-TAB IDF data domain model
(edit) @55   13 years duh - removed to obsolete / duplicate nimble domain classes
(edit) @51   13 years duh -re-added nimble snapshot 0.3
(edit) @50   13 years duh -removed nimble (to reimplement it in the next commit)
(edit) @47   13 years duh - refactored nimble from the external intient repository to the …
(edit) @40   13 years keesvb changed study and experiment schema, added mysql production database
(edit) @37   13 years duh - installed and implemented nimble plugin - setup basic nimble …
(edit) @35   13 years keesvb added jquery-ui manually (install-jquery-plugin seems broken) and …
(edit) @34   13 years duh -removed testing authorization code -looking at 'apache shiro' and / …
(edit) @31   13 years gajula Added Keyword Expansion *.groovy
(edit) @30   13 years gajula Check Keyword Expansion Species.groovy
(edit) @18   13 years gajula Domain classes
(edit) @17   13 years gajula Domain classes
(edit) @16   13 years duh -set keyword expansion
(edit) @15   13 years duh -added initial implementation of authorization code
(edit) @14   13 years duh added keyword expansion
(edit) @10   13 years gajula Added Keyword expansion
(add) @4   13 years duh Initial check-in of a fresh grails application
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