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(edit) @910   7 years tabma -added Authorization-method to REST-controller
(edit) @909   7 years tabma -added Authorization-method to REST-controller
(edit) @908   7 years tabma -added Authorization-method to REST-controller
(edit) @906   7 years tabma -changed name to sampleToken in GetSamples? REST-call
(edit) @904   7 years jahn Adjusted to new covention of using '...Token' instead of 'extenal...ID'.
(edit) @903   7 years keesvb Changed JSON name for study title to title in getStudies REST method
(edit) @901   7 years jahn Added and tested new Rest methods in accordance with specs. Tested …
(edit) @843   7 years keesvb second fix for isUser REST method
(edit) @842   7 years keesvb fix for isUser REST method
(edit) @835   8 years keesvb added metabolomics assay examples, cleaned up RestController?, changed …
(edit) @834   8 years keesvb changed externalAssayId to string
(edit) @833   8 years keesvb nimble UserBase? is somehow blocking getId and ident(), use for loop instead
(edit) @831   8 years keesvb first implementation of user-based REST services, only checks whether …
(edit) @829   8 years keesvb started authentication implementation
(edit) @773   8 years jahn Added rest method for querying measurement values.
(edit) @698   8 years keesvb corrected wrong Event start time method call in RestController?
(edit) @693   8 years jahn Updated rest service "getAssay" to also transmit the Assay's name …
(edit) @659   8 years jahn Added extre id field to getSample rest resource.
(edit) @649   8 years jahn Added five controller actions (RestController?) and corresponding Rest …
(edit) @631   8 years jahn Cleaned up CommunicationManager? and put it in uniform use and package …
(edit) @624   8 years keesvb changed RestController? to accept study code as study identifier for …
(edit) @602   8 years jahn Several minor changes and cleaning up related to date repsentations …
(edit) @600   8 years jahn Added to getSamples() REST resource.
(edit) @560   8 years jahn Fixed bug in with new identifier of domain class Study.
(edit) @554   8 years jahn Refactored member 'code' of Study. Changed it from being template to …
(edit) @549   8 years jahn Remvoed bug in getStudy(). If a non-valid id is passed as argument, we …
(edit) @523   8 years jahn Removed superfluous output.
(edit) @515   8 years jahn REST resources for communicating with the Simple Assay Module.
(add) @480   8 years jahn Providing some methods for showing that REST/JSON actually works for …
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