May 24, 2010, 11:48:40 PM (12 years ago)

Reverting Subject optimization as it breaks the study create wizard on adding Subjects, added help texts to Bootstrap and icons to study create wizard, added new text to home, added help texts to study create wizard pages

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  • trunk/grails-app/views/wizard/pages/_study.gsp

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    1818        <span class="info">
    1919                <span class="title">Define the basic properties of your study</span>
     20                In this step of the step-by-step study capturing tool all the basic information of a study can be filled out.
     21                Keep in mind that the more and the more specific the information that is filled out, the more valuable the system will be.
     22                Only the fields with an asterisks are obligatory.
    2023                Pick the study template of choice (currently a fixed set) and define your study values. In this prototype the
    2124                templated fields (below the 'note' box) are not yet handled so you can leave them empty for now.
    2427        <wizard:templateElement name="template" description="Template" value="${study?.template}" entity="${dbnp.studycapturing.Study}" addDummy="true" ajaxOnChange="switchTemplate" url="[controller:'wizard',action:'pages']" update="[success:'wizardPage',failure:'wizardError']" afterSuccess="onWizardPage()" >
    25                 The template to use for this study
     28                Choose the type of study you would like to create.
     29                Depending on the chosen template specific fields can be filled out. If none of the templates contain all the necessary fields, a new template can be defined (based on other templates).
    2630        </wizard:templateElement>
    2731        <g:if test="${study}"><wizard:templateElements entity="${study}" /></g:if>
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