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  • committed development version of modified study capture wizard (works until events)
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  • trunk/grails-app/views/wizard/pages/_events.gsp

    r383 r389  
    1818        <span class="info">
    19                 <span class="title">Define all events and their duration that occur in your study</span>
    20                 In the previous screen you defined the unique event types, in this screen you need to define
    21                 all events of a specific event type that occur in time. Select the type of event, and the
    22                 start and stop time of an event. As it is frequently the case that <i>sets</i> of events act
    23                 upon (groups of) subjects, you can define event groups, and add events to a particular group.<br/>
    24                 <i>Note that you can edit multiple events at once by selecting multpiple rows by either
    25                 ctrl-clicking them or dragging a selection over them.</i>
     19                <span class="title">Define all events that occur in your study</span>
     20                Bla bla bla we need a good help text here ;)
    2621        </span>
    28         <wizard:templateElement name="template" description="Template" value="${values?.template}" entity="${dbnp.studycapturing.Event}" addDummy="true" >
     23        <wizard:templateElement name="template" description="Template" value="${event?.template}" entity="${dbnp.studycapturing.Event}" addDummy="true" ajaxOnChange="switchTemplate" url="[controller:'wizard',action:'pages']" update="[success:'wizardPage',failure:'wizardError']" afterSuccess="onWizardPage()" >
    2924                The template to use for this study
    3025        </wizard:templateElement>
    31         <wizard:timeElement name="startTime" description="Start Time" error="startTime" value="${values?.startTime}">
    32                 The start time of the study
    33         </wizard:timeElement>
    34         <wizard:timeElement name="endTime" description="End time" error="endTimee" value="${values?.endTime}">
    35                 The end time of the study
    36         </wizard:timeElement>   
    37         <wizard:buttonElement name="add" value="Add" url="[controller:'wizard',action:'pages']" update="[success:'wizardPage',failure:'wizardError']" afterSuccess="onWizardPage()"/>
     26        <g:if test="${event?.template}"><wizard:templateElements entity="${event}" /></g:if>
     27        <g:if test="${event?.template}"><wizard:buttonElement name="add" value="Add" url="[controller:'wizard',action:'pages']" update="[success:'wizardPage',failure:'wizardError']" afterSuccess="onWizardPage()"/></g:if>
     28<% /*
    3829<g:if test="${events}">
    3930        <g:each var="event" status="i" in="${events}">
    4233                        <div class="firstColumn">#</div>
    4334                        <div class="firstColumn"></div>
    44                         <div class="column">start</div>
    45                         <div class="column">end</div>
    46                         <div class="column">duration</div>
     35                        <div class="column">Template</div>
    4736                        <wizard:templateColumnHeaders template="${event.template}" class="column" />
    4837                        <g:if test="${eventGroups}"><g:each var="eventGroup" status="g" in="${eventGroups}">
    6150                                <wizard:ajaxButton name="delete" src="../images/icons/famfamfam/delete.png" alt="delete this event" class="famfamfam" value="-" url="[controller:'wizard',action:'pages']" update="[success:'wizardPage',failure:'wizardError']" before="\$(\'input[name=do]\').val(${i});" afterSuccess="onWizardPage()" />
    6251                        </div>
    63                         <div class="column"><g:formatDate format="dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm" date="${event.startTime}" /></div>
    64                         <div class="column"><g:formatDate format="dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm" date="${event.endTime}" /></div>
    65                         <div class="column">${event.getShortDuration()}</div>
     52                        <div class="column">${event.template}</div>
    6653                        <wizard:templateColumns id="${i}" entity="${event}" template="${event.template}" name="event${i}" class="column" />
    6754                        <g:if test="${eventGroups}"><g:each var="eventGroup" status="j" in="${eventGroups}">
    7865        </div>
    7966        </g:each>
     67*/ %>
    8068<% /*
    8169        <div class="table">
    123111                <div class="slider"></div>
    124112        </div>
    125114 */ %>
    126 </g:if>
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