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Mar 21, 2010, 2:17:38 PM (13 years ago)

Event's create and edit action have been tested and are now working.

Also, the old problem of adding Samples has been addressed. When a new event is created as a SamplingEvent?, no new samples can be added directly. The reason for this is, that the event is not yet assigned to any Subject, and thus the non nullable subject field of a new sample (belonging to the new event) cannot be filled.
Similarly, when a SamplingEvent? event is edited, new samples can only be added, if the event already is assigned to belong to a subject. New samples are always added to the same subject as the first (random) sample belonging to the SamplingEvent?.

However, there are still open questions:

(1) Should the sample also be assigned to the samples of its subject's Study?

(2) Should a sample also be assigned, if there are no samples assigned yet, but there is a subject assigned to this event?

(3) Should the user be allowed to chose to assign a subject if the event is assigned to a Study that contains multiple subjects?

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  • trunk/grails-app/domain/dbnp/studycapturing/SamplingEvent.groovy

    r247 r287  
    1313    static constraints = {
    1414    }
     16    def getSamples() {
     18        def samples = Sample.findAll("from Sample as s where = ${}" )
     19        samples.collect{ it.class==SamplingEvent.class }
     20        samples.collect{ it!=null }
     21        return samples==null ? [] : samples
     22    }
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