Mar 12, 2010, 4:12:53 PM (14 years ago)
  • upgraded jquery-ui to latest version
  • implemented ontology chooser using jquery-ui's autocomplete functionality. The NCBO ontology chooser was not properly implemented to be used with other functionality like the table editor, etcetera. Hence the rewritten version. Example usage: <input type="text" name="..." rel="ontology-all-name" />
  • ontology chooser dynamically inserts three hidden fields if they are not present (concept_id, ontology_id and full_id) using the naming convention of inputname-ontology_id etc
  • updated the jquery-ui style to the latest version
  • added 'known issues' boxes to wizard pages
  • updated CSS to format ontology chooser results
  • updated wizard javascript
  • some changes to the wizard controller
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  • trunk/grails-app/views/wizard/pages/_study.gsp

    r247 r260  
    1818        <span class="info">
    1919                <span class="title">Define the basic properties of your study</span>
    20                 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce laoreet leo nec leo vehicula quis scelerisque elit pulvinar. Vivamus arcu dui, adipiscing eu vestibulum id, consectetur et erat. Aenean risus mauris, placerat et lacinia vulputate, commodo eget ligula. Pellentesque ornare blandit metus ac dictum. Donec scelerisque feugiat quam, a congue ipsum malesuada nec. Donec vulputate, diam eget porta rhoncus, est mauris ullamcorper turpis, vitae dictum risus justo quis justo. Aenean blandit feugiat accumsan. Donec porttitor bibendum elementum.
     20                Pick the study template of choice (currently a fixed set) and define your study values. In this prototype the
     21                templated fields (below the 'note' box) are not yet handled so you can leave them empty for now.
    2122        </span>
    5152        <wizard:templateElements entity="${study}" />
     54        <span class="info">
     55                <span class="title">Known issues</span>
     56                <ul>
     57                        <li>the templated fields appear in random order</li>
     58                        <li>the templated fields are not yet handled / stored</li>
     59                </ul>
     60        </span>
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