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Refectored version of the wizard

  • initial template page has been removed, now is a generic 'start' page where one (in the future) may create a new study, or load and modify an already stored study
  • study page incorporates study template select element, but does not yet incorporate the study template fields
  • subjects page now allows creation of subjects based on a template. This change also implied the study page altogether had to change into a seperate table entity. Now the the page lists as many tables as unique templates have been selected. These tables contain all subjects that were added using that particular template. NOTE: data is not stored yet, due to the fact that templateEntity does not work properly yey (key/value pairs need to be set correctly when calling the setTemplate method)
  • the JavaScript? now handles multiple tables in a page as well, and automatically initializes any underlying slider div if that is required
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3 * Event Descriptions page
4 *
5 * @author  Jeroen Wesbeek
6 * @since   20100118
7 * @package wizard
8 * @see     dbnp.studycapturing.WizardTagLib::previousNext
9 * @see     dbnp.studycapturing.WizardController
10 *
11 * Revision information:
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13 * $Author$
14 * $Date$
15 */
18        <span class="info">
19                <span class="title">Describe all unique event types that occur in your study</span>
20                These unique events are, for example, treatments, challenges and sampling events. Every event description
21                should be unique. If your study, for example, samples both blood as well as tissue on one or more subjects,
22                then create two sample descriptions. One for 'sampling blood', and one for 'sampling tissue'.
23        </span>
25        <span class="info">
26                <span class="title">Note!</span>
27                Currently 'classification' display all terms because there is no way to machine interpret
28                the different values. So please -for now- make sure to pick the Ontology reference applicable for
29                events until this particular challenge is solved.
30        </span>
32        <wizard:textFieldElement name="name" description="Name" error="name" value="${values?.name}">
33                The name of the event description you are creating
34        </wizard:textFieldElement>
35        <wizard:textFieldElement name="description" description="Description" error="description" value="${values?.description}">
36                A short description summarizing your event description
37        </wizard:textFieldElement>
38        <wizard:checkBoxElement name="isSamplingEvent" description="Sampling event" error="isSamplingEvent" value="${values?.isSamplingEvent}">
39                Is this a sampling event description?
40        </wizard:checkBoxElement>
41        <wizard:buttonElement name="add" value="Add" url="[controller:'wizard',action:'pages']" update="[success:'wizardPage',failure:'wizardError']" afterSuccess="onWizardPage()"/>
42<g:if test="${eventDescriptions}">
43        <div class="table">
44                <div class="header">
45                        <div class="firstColumn">#</div>
46                        <div class="firstColumn"></div>
47                        <div class="column">name</div>
48                        <div class="column">description</div>
49                        <div class="column">sampling event</div>
50                        <div class="column">protocol</div>
51                </div>
52        <g:each var="eventDescription" status="i" in="${eventDescriptions}">
53                <div class="row">
54                        <div class="firstColumn">${i+1}</div>
55                        <div class="firstColumn">
56                                <wizard:ajaxButton name="delete" src="../images/icons/famfamfam/delete.png" alt="delete this event" class="famfamfam" value="-" url="[controller:'wizard',action:'pages']" update="[success:'wizardPage',failure:'wizardError']" before="\$(\'input[name=do]\').val(${i});" afterSuccess="onWizardPage()" />
57                        </div>
58                        <div class="column"><g:textField name="eventDescription_${i}_name" value="${}" size="12" maxlength="12" /></div>
59                        <div class="column"><g:textField name="eventDescription_${i}_description" value="${eventDescription.description}" size="12" maxlength="12" /></div>
60                        <div class="column"><g:checkBox name="eventDescription_${i}_isSamplingEvent" value="${eventDescription.isSamplingEvent}" /></div>
61                        <div class="column"><g:if test="${eventDescription.protocol}">${eventDescription.protocol}</g:if><g:else>-</g:else></div>
62                </div>
63        </g:each>
64        </div>
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