source: trunk/grails-app/views/templateEditor/elements/_fieldForm.gsp @ 544

Last change on this file since 544 was 544, checked in by roberth, 13 years ago

Template editor is now able to add, edit, move and delete fields. Also fixed bug #90 (searching publications in IE didn't work because fetching XML from another domain was not allowed)

File size: 534 bytes
1        <label for="name">Name:</label> <g:textField name="name" value="${templateField?.name}" /><br />
2        <label for="type">Type:</label> <g:select from="${fieldTypes}" name="type" value="${templateField?.type}" /><br />
3        <label for="unit">Unit:</label> <g:textField name="unit" value="${templateField?.unit}" /><br />
4        <label for="comment">Comment:</label> <g:textArea name="comment" value="${templateField?.comment}" /><br />
5        <label for="required">Required:</label> <g:checkBox name="required" value="${templateField?.required}" /><br />
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