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Improved the template editor so that template fields can be removed from templates, even if the templates are in use, but only if the template fields are never filled. (see ticket #74)

Also changed the user registration so that the administrator confirmation mails will be sent to the administrators in production environment, but still to gscfproject@… in other environments.

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1<ul id="addOntology">
2  <li onClick="$('#searchType_ncbo').attr( 'checked', true ); $( '#termID' ).val( '' );">
3        <input class="check" checked type="radio" id="searchType_ncbo" name="searchType" value="ncbo">
4        Search by ncboID. Fill in the ncboID of the ontology you want to add.<br />
5        <input class="text" type="text" name="ncboID" id="ncboIDText" onClick="$('#searchType_ncbo').attr( 'checked', true ); $( '#termID' ).val( '' );">
6        <img id="ncbo_spinner" src="${resource( dir: 'images', file: 'spinner.gif' )}" style="margin-left: 5px; display: none;">
7  </li>
8  <li onClick="$('#searchType_term').attr( 'checked', true ); $( '#ncboIDText' ).val( '' );">
9        <input class="check" type="radio" id="searchType_term" name="searchType" value="term">
10        Enter a (part of a) term. Select the desired term from the list. The ontology to which this term belongs, will
11        be added to the system.<br />
12        <g:textField class="text" name="termID" rel="ontology-all" onClick="\$('#searchType_term').attr( 'checked', true ); \$( '#ncboIDText' ).val( '' );"/>
13        <img id="term_spinner" src="${resource( dir: 'images', file: 'spinner.gif' )}" style="margin-left: 5px; display: none;">
14  </li>
17 <script type="text/javascript">
18        $(document).ready(function() {
19                // initialize the ontology chooser
20        new OntologyChooser().init();
22        });
23 </script>
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