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Initial check-in of a fresh grails application

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2    <head>
3        <title>Welcome to Grails</title>
4                <meta name="layout" content="main" />
5    </head>
6    <body>
7        <h1 style="margin-left:20px;">Welcome to Grails</h1>
8        <p style="margin-left:20px;width:80%">Congratulations, you have successfully started your first Grails application! At the moment
9        this is the default page, feel free to modify it to either redirect to a controller or display whatever
10        content you may choose. Below is a list of controllers that are currently deployed in this application,
11        click on each to execute its default action:</p>
12        <div class="dialog" style="margin-left:20px;width:60%;">
13            <ul>
14              <g:each var="c" in="${grailsApplication.controllerClasses}">
15                    <li class="controller"><g:link controller="${c.logicalPropertyName}">${c.fullName}</g:link></li>
16              </g:each>
17            </ul>
18        </div>
19    </body>
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