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changed index and moved it to Home controller/view structure, put query and my studies in the top menu

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2    <head>
3      <title>Generic Study Capture Framework</title>
4      <meta name="layout" content="main" />
5    </head>
6    <body>
7      Welcome to GSCF. At this moment, there are ${studyCount} studies in the database.
8      <p><n:isNotLoggedIn>
9        N.B. To query private studies, and to add or change study data, please login above.
10      </n:isNotLoggedIn></p>
11      <p><span style="border: 1px solid red;">
12        use these credentials to log in: Administrator ( admin / admiN123! ), User ( user / useR123! )
13      </span></p>
14  </body>
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