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  • Number of seconds for the rest controller to keep data in cache is now a configuration option
  • After searching, it is possible to choose which action to perform on the search results.
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1<p class="options">
2        <g:link class="searchIn" action="searchIn" id="${queryId}">Search within results</g:link><br />
3        <g:link class="search" action="index">Search again</g:link><br />
4        <g:link class="discard" action="discard" id="${queryId}">Discard results</g:link><br />
5        <g:link class="listPrevious" action="list">Previous searches</g:link>
7<p class="options">
8        <g:each in="${actions}" var="action">
9                <a class="performAction ${}" href="${action.url}" onClick="performAction( $('form#results'), '${}', '${action.module}' ); return false;">${action.description}</a><br />
10        </g:each>
12<br clear="all">
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