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Refectored version of the wizard

  • initial template page has been removed, now is a generic 'start' page where one (in the future) may create a new study, or load and modify an already stored study
  • study page incorporates study template select element, but does not yet incorporate the study template fields
  • subjects page now allows creation of subjects based on a template. This change also implied the study page altogether had to change into a seperate table entity. Now the the page lists as many tables as unique templates have been selected. These tables contain all subjects that were added using that particular template. NOTE: data is not stored yet, due to the fact that templateEntity does not work properly yey (key/value pairs need to be set correctly when calling the setTemplate method)
  • the JavaScript? now handles multiple tables in a page as well, and automatically initializes any underlying slider div if that is required
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1package dbnp.studycapturing
4 * TemplateFieldListItem Domain Class
5 *
6 * Revision information:
7 * $Rev$
8 * $Author$
9 * $Date$
10 */
11class TemplateFieldListItem implements Serializable {
12        String name
14        static constraints = {
15        }
17        String toString() {
18                return name;
19        }
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