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The options that protocol parameters can take on are no longer represented by Strings. Instead we created a wrapper Object (ParameterStringListItem?). In this way we avoid problems with multi-user operations. Such problems can arrive as follows: if options are Strings, there is no difference beteween them and their identifier. When instead lists are wrapped, changing the strings does not affect their identifier, and thus simultanious read/write operations become less error prone.

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1package dbnp.studycapturing
6 * The ProtocolParameter class describes a protocol parameter, and belongs to the Protocol class.
7 * Actual values of this parameter are stored in the corresponding field of the ProtocolInstance class.
8 */
9class ProtocolParameter {
11    String name
12    ProtocolParameterType type
13    String unit
14    String description
15    Term reference
17    static hasMany = [listEntries : ParameterStringListItem ] // to store the entries to choose from when the type is 'item from predefined list'
19    static constraints = {
20            unit(nullable: true)
21            reference(nullable: true)
22            description(nullable: true)
23    }
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