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1Release notes for GSCF 0.4.0
3Please have a look at the NOTICE file for general information about the GSCF project, license and websites.
5Release-specific remarks:
7* The sample page of the study edit/create wizard is currently under development, and hence disabled in production mode.
9General information:
11This release consists of a single war file, which should run in any Java servlet container. It was compiled with Grails 1.3.2 and tested on Apache Tomcat 6.0.26. Make sure you do rename it to gscf.war before deploying it.
13Also, make sure the VM container has a big enough MaxPermSize set, otherwise the application will run out of PermGenSpace after some time. For Tomcat, we set CATALINA_OPTS to "-Xmx512M -XX:MaxPermSize=256M" which should enable the application to support a number of users at the same time and has been seen running for a few months without problems.
15The war file is compiled to require a Postgres database "gscf" with username "gscf" and password "dbnp". The first time the application is started, it will create the database schema and add some example 'templates'. It will need an internet connection to do this, because it has to fetch some information about BioPortal ontologies.
16If you want to use a different database, please download the source code, edit conf/DataSource.groovy and then recompile the war by issuing the command 'grails prod war'.
18On Tomcat or Jetty, it should deploy as http://localhost:8080/gscf,
19but your system may be configured in another way.
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